How to Make the Best Photo Editing 2021?

How to Edit Beautiful Photos? To edit your best photos, you need to know how to use Adobe Photoshop Professional Photo Editing Software.

How to Beautiful photo editing? Want best photo editing, you need to know how to use Adobe Photoshop Professional Photo Editing Software.

Adobe Photoshop is software Beautiful photo editing The best professional ever. The application allows you to do all sorts of manipulations with photos. From resizing, applying color filters, adjusting exposure, cropping, creating shimmering effects, more attractive to viewers.

For those who are new to using Photoshop, it will be difficult to deal with defects in images. Wondering how to simulate the effect to get the ability Best photo editing. To help you better understand this, our following article will introduce you to some of its features edit photo The most basic with specialized Photoshop software.

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6 manipulations to edit beautiful photos in Photoshop you need to know

How to combine photos

Collage is one of the operations beautiful photo editing The most basic, the easiest to operate first.

+ First, open the image to be edited in the program. Hold down the left mouse button on the crop icons in the toolbar.

+ Crop tool option to activate Photoshop’s standard crop tool

+ Click and drag any point at the edges of the image to the frame. When you feel satisfied and satisfied with the part you plan to cut. Press Enter on the keyboard to complete the photo editing operation. Then save the image to the PC.

Edit photos by setting brightness and contrast

This is the way Beautiful photo editing through adjusting the color tone of the image. You can easily adjust the brightness by increasing or decreasing the color gamut, brightness, and shadow values of the image.

Proceed as follows:

+ Open an image to be edited.

+ Select Adjustment -> Brightness/Contrast

Chinh Sua Anh Dep Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop
How To Make The Best Photo Editing 2021? 7 Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop

+ Next, use the slider to control these parameters. View installation results in real time. Keep the preview option and only when you feel satisfied, click OK.

Chinh Sua Anh Dep 1 Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop
How To Make The Best Photo Editing 2021? 8 Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop

Edit photos by adjusting Saturation

The saturation feature allows you to Best photo editing by changing the color and brightness of each specific color gamut. Or all the available color gamuts in the image at once.

This feature makes color adjustment faster and more synchronous.

+ Open the image to be edited. Choose Adjustment -> Hue/Saturation.

Chinh Sua Anh Dep 2 Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop
How To Make The Best Photo Editing 2021? 9 Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop

+ You can use preset settings at the top of the toolbar. However, the standard version may not be suitable for your image. Tools are set by default. Adjust the “Hue/Satureation” or “Lightness” parameters to adjust the color as desired.

Chinh Sua Anh Dep 4 Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop
How To Make The Best Photo Editing 2021? 10 Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop

+ Select a color tone in the color swatch palette. For example here, we will choose Blues to change the image tone to blue.

Chinh Sua Anh Dep 5 Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop
How To Make The Best Photo Editing 2021? 11 Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop

+ Use the slider to adjust and check how the image has been changed in the background page. If you are satisfied, click OK to save. Or keep going back to adjust until it feels right.

Edit beautiful photos by adjusting exposure

Exposure is the amount of light captured by the camera to create an image. This factor can be adjusted during use Beautiful photo editing software Photoshop.

When the photo is too dark, we call it an underexposed photo. When the image is so bright that it is too bright, we call it overexposed. So, how to edit in Photoshop?

+ Select Open image to edit exposure.

+ Select Image -> Adjustments -> Exposure

Chinh Sua Anh Dep 6 Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop
How To Make The Best Photo Editing 2021? 12 Dịch Vụ Chỉnh Sửa Ảnh Photoshop

+ Adjust the sliders to solve the light problem for the photo.

Resize photo

+ Open -> Select the image to resize

+ On the toolbar, select Image -> Image Size

+ You can increase or decrease the image size by inserting values for the Pixels of the image without performing a crop operation.

Choose color filter for photo

One action Beautiful photo editing The last thing we want to introduce to you is how to use color filters. Same goes for the Photo editing app were mentioned in previous articles. Photoshop is known as professional photo editing software, of course, it also provides users with thousands of beautiful and completely free color filters.

How to change the color filter for an image:

+ Open the required image edit photo.

+ Select Image -> Adjustments -> Photo Filter

+ Then, click on the name of the current filter to see more options, shown in the detailed image below.

+ Choose one of the filters Beautiful photo editing Photoshop’s availability.

+ Finally, adjust the density slider to increase the intensity of the effect applied to the image to be edited.


At this point, you have pocketed the secret of how to be able Beautiful photo editing the most yet? The above steps are just basic operations for those who are new to “introductory” to learn Photoshop professional photo editing software.

If you want to delve into research and learn how to edit photos shimmering, with hundreds of effects that “fascinate” the viewer. Please regularly visit our website to immediately consult extremely useful lessons. Or register to join Photoshop Course at Home in Ho Chi Minh City. Contact Details:


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